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  Het uur van de wolf
Concert Grand Prix Classics in concert
A concert from Düsseldorf with many Eurovision hits.
  12 punkte für europa
Documentary about the history behind the Eurovision
  Die schönsten ESC momente 2011
  Wie gewinne ich den grand prix
  Your country needs Blue

Various dvds
*Special* 0 points - The songs that did not score points in Eurovision.
Documentary A Song For Justin (TV4, UK)
France Bonjour La France (2004)
Italia Ciao Ciao Bella Musica (Alice, Umberto Tozzi,Toto Cutugno..)
Germany Das Beste aus Ein Kessel Buntes (1972-1990)
Germany Die gro▀e Schlagernacht der 70er Jahre
  History of Danish MGP (2 dvds)
  Danish Melodi Grand Prix 2007, Extra material (Double dvd)
  Danish Melodi Grand Prix 2008, Extra material (Double dvd)
  Danish Melodi Grand Prix 2009, Extra material (Double dvd)
  Danish Melodi Grand Prix 2010, Extra material (Double dvd)
  Danish Melodi Grand Prix favourites (2 dvds)
*Special* Denmark in Eurovision
2 dvd's with all Danish songs from 1957 until today
Germany Die grössten GP-hits aller zeiten
  East European Pre-selection (HRT, 1993)
  Festival dos festivais - Eurovisão (RTP Memória)
  Festival dos festivais -
festival da canção (Rtp Memória) 2 dvds
Italia Festivalbar - History
Christmas Flambon Julesangkonkurranse 1994
Norwegian Christmas song competition. Among the participants are Wenche Myhre (Germany 1968) and Sigga (Iceland 90, 92 & 94).
  Israel Ba'erovizyon (IBA, unknown date)
Christmas Jul i Gamlebyen
Norwegian Christmas concert, with Guri Schanke, Knut Anders Sørum and more..
Christmas Jul med Sanna, Shirley & Sonja Christmas
Concert with the Swedish Melodifestival divas
  Laugardagslögin Special Edition (Iceland 2008) 
Arabic Pop Mazzika Arabia 1
Arabic Pop Mazzika Arabia 2
Arabic Pop Mazzika Arabia 3
Melodifest. Melodifestivalen 2006 Karaoke
Karaoke dvd with the 2006 songs from Sweden. Sing like Carola :)
Italia Musica Italia
Italia Raffaella Carra Video Collection 1970-1986
Concert Rix FM Festival 2007
Concert featuring E-Type, BWO, Måns Zelmerlöw, E-type, Bosson, Marie Lindberg, Markoolio, Sonja Alden, Sebastian, Martin Stenmarck, Magnus Carlsson & Erik Segerstedt.
Show Russia Music Awards 2009
Show Showgirls (Norwegian Tv2, 2009)
Norwegian music show featuring Elisabeth Andreassen & Guri Schanke. Includes eurovision material.
Talkshow Sottovoce: Guest - Peppino di Capri
Italian talkshow with focus on Peppino di Capri
Spain Spain at Eurovision Song Contest (1961-2006)
Germany Unser Lied für den Grand Prix
- Die schönsten Deutschen Beiträge